Kate's Pet Care Services - 'Caring for your pet when you can't be there'
Terms & Conditions

Holiday Visits for Pets
If you have booked me to visit your pet(s) whilst your away. You have up to seven days before the booked start day to cancel otherwise - 50% of the total amount owed will be charged.

Dog Walking
Regular Weekly Walks - If you are going to be having regular weekly walks, I request set days each week which you pay for weekly to keep your slot. This way I know what's happening on a weekly basis. Otherwise you are at the risk of contacting me and there may be a chance I'm completely full and with the set days in place I am more aware of what slots I do have free. 

Occasional Walks 
 If you only need me occasionally contacting me the weekend prior to the week ahead will be the best option for you but please contact me whenever needed. I always do my best to make sure I look after as many people as possible but sometimes if its short notice I may not be able to fit your dog in or at the time you ideally want.

One Off Walks - If you would like me to see your dog on a one off occasion please arrange a free consultation with me beforehand so I can meet you are your dog(s) before the arranged Walk.

Booking for weekly walks or visits - If you cancel within 24 hours of the booked walk or visit the full amount will be charged otherwise 50% of the walk/visit amount will be charged for your set day or booked walk/visit.
I just have to take into consideration that I am turning down other business for your booked slots.

Bank Holidays etc.
We don't tend to work bank holidays but if your dog walker doesn't mind, an extra charge will be added for the following days (if needed) - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day, New Years Eve, New Year’s Day and all Bank Holidays. 

I hope all of that made sense, any questions - ASK :) 

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